Gloria Evangelina Anzaldúa (1942-2004)


Gloria Evangelina Anzaldúa (1942-2004) was a Chicana queer feminist, activist and writer.  She wrote powerfully about her experiences as a Mexican-American woman and the physical and cultural borders that are drawn, often through violence.  She spoke of “psychic restlessness” or the feeling of existing between cultures without any clear sense of belonging or identity.  Her experience is that of self-realization, discovering how the marginalized are brainwashed into believing the myths dominant culture imposes on them to keep them marginalized. It is important to recognize how the societies (plural) we embody train us to treat each other, but more importantly it is up to us as individuals to stand up for ourselves and offer new stories in place of these pervasively damaging narratives.

Here's one of her essays entitled "La Prieta."